Lasko 1827 Vs 1843

If you live in an area where summers are quite hot, you may need to have another appliance in addition to your air condition to help cool the room. This appliance is the electric fan. Electric fans work by circulating air in the room. You can even use them with your air conditioner to increase the cooling effect. However, the fan may not make your room very cold on its own. This article explores some of the most popular pedestal electric fans, the Lasko 1827 and 1843. Read on to find out features of each appliance, pros and cons, and how they compare against each other.

 Lasko 1827

 The Lasko 1827 pedestal fan is famed for its simplistic construction and superior performance. The target market for the fan are people in small rooms, with or without the air conditioner and people who need the cool breeze around home.  It can also be used in offices, clinics, health and production studios as well as classrooms. Here is a quick look at some of the most salient features and construction of the fan.


Like any other pedestal fan, the Lasko 1827 is made of a wide base, a stand and the rotating fan at the top. The fan is primarily made of ABS plastic, a lightweight but tough plastic that you can use for a long period without cracking or discolouring.  The fan and mesh as well as the base are made of metal. The entire height of the fan is between 39 and 54.5 inches when you tilt its back.

 The minimalist construction helps when moving it from one location to another, as you do not have a lot of baggage to carry. Besides, unlike many of the brands, Lasko has placed the control knobs at the top of the fans, at the back. They look more like knobs and not the conventional knob.

Features of the Fan

1. Variable Speeds

The fan manufacturer boasts of a quiet performance even at the highest speeds. This means that you can use it any location, even where silence is required, such as the office or study room.  Besides, it comes with three variable speeds so you can get the kind of breeze that you need at home. Just use the knob at the back of the fan to determine the best breeze speed according to the heat in your living space.

The low setting is great for warm rooms and tight spaces. However, medium and high settings work well in overcrowded or rather hot and large rooms. All the three speeds are efficient and it does not consume lots of power to run at any of the speeds.

2. Adjusting the Tilt and Height

If you want the fan to circulate the cool air across the room, you may just place it at one corner of home at maximum height.  However, if you are working on one side of the room, you can just direct the cool air at your direction. The fan allows you to adjust its height such that it is in line with location or object that you would like to cool. On the other hand, the top can tilt in any direction for up to 90 degrees. This allows you to target the stream of cool air to the exact item that you are cooling. It could be your ceiling or even the floor. After a hot day outdoors, you can just direct the stream of cold air to where you are seated to cool down in a few minutes. 

3. Wide Oscillation

Lasko 1827 has an 18-ich head and can oscillate at 90 degrees. The long blade length allows you to deliver fresh, cool breeze to a wide area in one round. The oscillation ensures that you deliver fresh air in all corners of your room at equal pauses. Thanks to its powerful motor, you need not have several in a standard-sized room, as it is able to deliver enough breeze even in low and medium settings. If you place the fan in a strategic location, it should deliver enough breeze at any point in the room. On the other hand, if you would like to target the breeze at one area, just hit the switch where the fan faces the person or object.

4. Blue Plug Patented Safety Fuse Technology

The Blue Plug technology is a safety feature incorporated in the plug, such that the fuse is located on the power code. In case of a power spike, the fuse cuts off the power supply right there at the head of the cord. This helps prevent a potential case of safety hazardous damage to the motor. Therefore, there is little likelihood that the motor would cause an electric shock or cause a fire. You do not need to add other power safety elements such as voltage guard when using your fan. Besides, you do not need to use an external rheostat to operate the fan. It should be ok as it is. The Rheostat may bring problems with overcurrent, high voltage and overheating.

5. Ease of Installation

The fan comes with a no tools assembly construction. It means that the entire process is easy to complete and you should be done within a few minutes. The package comes with easy-to-follow instructions you are able to implement without the need of a helping hand. In fact, you just need to connect the fan to the extension rod, and then to the base, and you are done.


There are on two-colour option, black and white. However, the colour is caked into the appliance and will not chip with regular use. There are no design variations of the appliance. The entire package weighs just about eight pounds. This is something you can move around with when you need some cool breeze in another location.

Pros and Cons


  • It gives good quality white noise to soothe you to sleep
  • It has a powerful motor that actually performs
  • Its portability makes it a great cooling tool for meetings and other areas without substantial investments of an air conditioner


  • The plastic covers are not strong enough to withstand regular misuse.
  • Its fan attachment can come off with little force, which may be risky in case of an accident


If you are looking for a powerful fan that is not much of a hustle to assemble and operate, the Lasko 1827 is the fan to pick. It has a strong, quiet motor and a great minimalist design. However, its plastic cover are not as tough. Therefore, always keep it away from the reach of children. However, it comes at a price that most people can manage. The fan has good reviews on the internet without being exceptional. It is definitely a recommended buy.

Lasko 1843

The Lasko 1843 is made with the same technology as the 1827. However, it has some added features that you will not find in the earlier model. This pedestal fan comes with cyclone feature to enhance the amount of breeze it emits. In this section, you are going to learn about various features of the fan as well as its design characteristics.  The model is efficient, just like the former one, and comes with a great price that reasonably low compared to competing models with similar features.

Design Characteristics

As said earlier, this fan looks similar to the 1827. However, unlike the former, this one has put the control panel on the front, just below the fan. Besides, it has electronic switches with a simpler and softer touch that the mechanical, manual controls used in the 1827. Therefore, if you would like to use it outdoors, protect that part from harsh sunshine water and dust as they may damage the controls. The rest of the general construction looks similar to the former, including the height of the fan and the mechanism of operation. However, its base looks bigger than that of the 1827, meaning that it is more stable on uneven ground.


1. Cyclone Technology

The name of the technology is derived from the motion created by cyclones in nature. With this technology, the breeze comes with a twist, such as the cyclone hurricane. This allows for better movement of the breeze across the room. It also increases the efficiency of the fan in cooling the room fast.

2. Widespread Oscillation

This fan comes with 18-inch blades that are able to deliver a wide breeze in a single round. Therefore, when strategically placed at a point in your room, you should get enough breeze in your room. In addition, the fan head rotates for 90 degrees from side to side to give enough breeze at any point of the room. Just like the 1827, it has a strong motor that delivers a strong wind even in the low and mid settings. You have the option to stop the head movement to direct the breeze to a certain area at home. These options are on the remote for ease of setting up.

3. Built-in Timer and Wireless Remote

If you are looking for a fan that is easy to operate, you have the 1843 with its interactive remote control. You can use it to control the fan speed, start the timer and the rotation of the head. It is also possible to power the fan on at a distance as long as it is connected to the power supply. The remote is ergonomically design and has a long range. Therefore, it is easy to use and can operate the fan at a 100 feet or more. The remote uses a pair of triple-A batteries to run.

4. A Sleep Timer

 Sometimes you need the fan to run for a number of hours after you sleep. Luckily, the 1843 comes with a sleep timer that allows you to set the auto shut off until four hours. You can set this manually or by the use of your remote.  The setting works well for people looking for white noise to get to sleep. They just set an hour or so, and once they are asleep, the fan automatically shuts off. On the other hand, businesses can make use of the setting to shut the fan automatically if cooling areas where there were short meetings.

5. No Tool Assembly

A no tool assembly design means that you do not need any technical knowledge to put it together. All you need is to connect the base to the stand and then slide in the fan. There are no screws and nuts to fasten. Its package comes with easy-to-follow instructional booklet that shows you how to put everything place and get your fan running. You actually do not need a helping hand when assembling the fan. You can also disassemble with ease when moving over long distances.

6. Long Electric Cord

The fan can be used outdoors to cool your guests in a barbecue or an outdoor party. To work, it would require you to have a sufficient length of the power cord so you can reach the power extension or outlet. The 1843 has long cord and the proprietary blue plug technology to ensure that your appliance does not get damaged or the user injured when there is a power spike at your home. When combined with the strong cyclone breeze, you get a perfect fan that you can use both at home and outdoors.

7. 3 Energy Efficient Motor Speeds

Just like the 1827, the 1843 has three motor speeds from which you can choose one that meets your needs. You can select low, medium or high speed from your remote or the knobs at the fan. Each of the three speeds is quiet except for the low humming in the high setting. Besides, the motor does not consume lots of power just because you are running on a high speed. The variable speeds make the appliance a versatile cooling fan in warm and hot indoor and outdoor environments.

8. Adjustable Tilt and Height

The stand can extend up from 39 inches to about 54.9 inches. This is long enough to deliver the breeze either when standing or at the comfort of your seat. Besides, you can tilt the fan to look at any direction that needs the cooling effect. It is so versatile that it can face the floor or the ceiling in a few turns. You can then allow it to oscillate facing your direction for maximum efficiency.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to assemble at operate at the comfort of your seat
  • It has a strong motor with substantial breeze even on the lowest setting
  • It is easy to move it from one point to another for temporary cooling solution
  • The sleep time comes handy
  • It is easy to remove the front grill for cleaning


  • The lack of screws and fastenings makes it possible for some parts to get loose over time, especially if you disassemble it so often
  • It has audible noise, especially in the medium and high-speed setting
  • It is made of plastic blades, which are not as long lasting as metal ones
  • The fan wobbles at high setting


The Lasko 1843 is a basic pedestal fan that does what you expect it to do. It has features that make it easier to use than models that make use of the manual control. However, it is not a high-end fan as almost all the parts are made of plastic. However, if high quality and aesthetics preferences do not exceed functionality, this is the fan to pick. It will quickly cool down a warm to hot room. Overall, it is good value for money and ranks among the good portable pedestal fans.

Comparing Lasko 1827 against 1843

These electric fan models have striking similarities and very few differences. Therefore, it can be tough to determine which of the two is best for your cooling needs. Read on to know the subtle differences and ways they affect the functioning of each.

1. Controls

The Lasko 1827 comes with manual controls at the back of the fan. On the other hand, the 1843 comes with electronic controls placed on the front of the fan for use with a remote control. Essentially, you can operate the later at the comfort of your seat while you have to walk to the other.

2. Timer

The 1843 also comes with a programmable timer up to four hours. Therefore, you can leave it to cool a room for a period and automatically shut. This feature is not available in the 1827.

3. Noise Levels

The 1843 has higher noise levels than the 1827. However, it is not too loud to disturb your work unless you need very quiet working space.

Which One Do You Pick?

The choice of either depends on your preferences with the mode of operation being the determining factor in many cases. Many people actually go for the later for the ease of operation. However, it is a little expensive compared with the former.

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