Is the NuWave Oven an Air Fryer?

The NuWave is a market-leading cooker that combines various cooking technologies for effective and fast cooking. Given that it combines multiple technologies, most people are unsure whether it is either an air fryer or an oven. This article looks at the cooker’s characteristics to determine whether it is an oven or an air fryer.

What Technologies does it Use for Cooking?

The NuWave combines three main technologies for cooking. They include the following:

Infrared Technology

NuWave makes use of infrared rods, a patented by Hearthware. The rod provides heat as a key cooking element in this appliance. Infrared is an invisible form of heat that penetrates food to cook inside while giving the outside a good browning. The technology works the way the sun heats your body. This technology is vital for cooking dense foods such as steak and poultry.

Convection Technology

The convection technology works similarly to an air fryer or a convection oven. Using this technology, the machine circulates hot air around the food to help cook the food evenly. The appliance has a motor and a fan that is specially designed to ensure heat circulates evenly. This technology is excellent for giving your pastries and meat a brownish crusty cover.


The NuWave oven comes with a heating element that looks like a pan. When you place food on it, you would be putting it directly on the source of heat, as you would do with your usual cooking pot on a stove. This technology is good for grilling and warming food.

What of an Airfryer?

Just as the name suggests, an air fryer is an appliance that uses convection technology to blow hot air across a basket. You place the food on a basket that does not come into contact with the source of food. The hot air helps cook food evenly and works fast than conduction. Air fryers come with multiple settings to cook various dishes at the best temperatures. This enables you to save on energy and cook your dishes a lot faster.

Is the NuWave Oven an Air fryer?

As seen in the section above, the NuWave oven indeed comes with the technologies that come with air fryers, i.e., convection technology. It also has several presets and precise temperature control like the air fryer. However, other oven features tend to place it in other types of cooking appliances such as the oven. For example, all grills use a heat conductor to heat your dishes. Besides, infrared technology works like a microwave. All these three technologies work together to ensure the fast and effective cooking of your dishes. Therefore, it would not be fair to call it an air fryer. It is more of an oven than an air fryer.

This does not mean that you cannot use it as an air fryer. Here are some of the intuitive features that make it a good air fryer

Touch ‘n’ Go Control Panel

The NuWave comes with intuitive controls that make it incredibly easy to set precise temperatures for your cooking. You can control both the heat produced by the appliance and the time it takes to cook your dishes. You can also reheat your leftovers with the dedicated reheat button. The Elite and Pro-plus models have some differences in the design. However, each has all the basic temperature and time adjustment features and a screen to view its setting.

The control panel is placed on the top of the appliance, just like most air fryer models in the market. However, unlike most air fryer models, it does not come with food-specific presets to let you cook your dishes in a single button.

Circular Heat Distribution

The NuWave oven has a circular heat distribution technology that enables food to be cooked evenly. Its motor is located at the bottom of the appliance, while the fan is located at both the top and bottom. However, unlike the air fryer, it does not come with a basket that you can remove from the appliance. You place your food on grills at the base of the appliance. The food gets cooked by convection when air blowing across the cooking space. You may also use an attachment to create compartments to place your food, especially when cooking pastry dishes such as cookies and cakes.

Ability to See How Your Dishes are Doing

In your usual air fryer, you can remove the basket and the food mid-cooking. This allows you to shake your food around to ensure even cooking. On the other hand, the NuWave Oven has a glass exterior, which will enable you to view how the food is cooking. You do not need to remove the basket to view your food. However, this makes it impossible for you to turn your food mid cooking. However, given the three heat sources, you should get an even cook without stirring your food.

Collecting and Reducing Oils

One of the major advantages of having an air fryer is that it helps you cook with less fat and no fat in many cases. This allows your family to eat healthy meals than you would get from a conventional pot. When using an air fryer, you can reduce the food’s fat by as much as 85% in some cases. You can later collect and dispose of the fat drippings after you are done cooking.

The NuWave Oven has similar characteristics. It can cook dishes without requiring any oil, thanks to convection, conduction, and infrared cooking. The oil drips to the bottom of the appliance. It is easy to clean the appliance of the oil after cooking. You can cook your steak, pastry, and chicken with lots of ease and no fat.

High Cooking Temperatures

Air Fryers can cook food to temperatures above 420 degrees F. The high temperature allows for food to cook faster and save you on energy costs. Besides, you can adjust your temperatures according to the type of food that you are cooking. The same is true for the NuWave cooker. It can cook food for up to 420 degrees F and allows you to adjust temperatures as you need. It allows you to adjust temperatures as low as one degree.

What Makes it an Oven?

As indicated earlier, the NuWave is more of an oven than an air fryer. Here are the reasons why.

It works like a conventional oven.

A conventional oven has a heat source and a blower to allow for even distribution of the heat. This feature allows heat to move around the baking compartment and cook your dishes fast. The NuWave has the same feature, a heat source and a fan that circulates the food compartment’s heat for even cooking. It can be said to be a miniature multifunction oven that gives you more flexibility and better results.


Any oven has a time within which to cook your dishes. The same is true for the NuWave cooker. It has a programmable tome that lets you determine when to start and stop your cooking. This feature is particularly good when you are not around when the food is finally cooked. You may then reheat your food if it is cold by the time you get back home.

Infrared Technology

The infrared technology makes the NuWave a smart oven. With infrared, the heat can penetrate the food and cook it like a microwave heat your food. The feature speeds up the process of cooking. It will get your dishes ready in no time and save you lots of energy.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an oven that works as an air fryer and gets your dishes cooking in no time, the NuWave appliance is your first choice. It combines t conventional frying technology with conduction and convection to give you versatility in speedy and easy cooking. Besides, if you would like to have a single appliance that combines the tasks that may have been performed by various cooking appliances, NuWave is the device to pick.

It allows you to cook different food types in various methods: grilling, roasting, air frying, baking, broiling, barbecuing, dehydrating fruits, and steaming. The only major issue with the appliance is the size. Like most air fryers, the appliance is just suitable for a single or few people per meal.

Finally, this appliance uses just 0.1 kilowatts per hour, which is 75% less than your conventional oven. It only uses 1500 watts, a stark contrast to the traditional one that requires up to 4000 watts to operate. Besides, there is no need to preheat the oven. You need to set the temperature after placing your food in the appliance and get going. Visit the NuWave website to find out all the features and accessories that you can use to cook different food types. It also comes with a recipe book from which you can find awesome ways to cook your food.

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