Conventional cooking isn’t possible without using oil. But with time, people are adopting a healthier lifestyle. Nowadays, many people want healthy alternatives to fried food without compromising with the taste. An air fryer comes to their rescue. It is a boon of technological advancement that lets us enjoy healthy and delicious food without using oil.

An air fryer is a perfect kitchen appliance for you if you’re a foodie yet a health-conscious person. But have you ever wondered how an air fryer works with little or no oil? What is the latest technology behind its operation? Here will discuss how an air fryer works without oil.


Yes, an air fryer definitely works. So, starting from French fries to fried chicken to nuggets all can be cooked in an air fryer using no or minimal oil. An air fryer can fry, roast, bake, and even grill food in minutes. It is difficult for many people to believe how can meals that ideally require oil for cooking are prepared without it. So, they are skeptical about using an air fryer.

However, many experts have tried using the air fryer and they claim that it is an effective kitchen gadget for people who are fond of fried or deep-fried food. They can now relish a healthier version of their favorite foods as the food cooked in an air fryer is not only oil-free but also crispy and delicious. Air fried food is considered much healthier than deep-fried food. So, don’t be suspicious about the working of an air fryer. Go and get one if you like the concept of oil-free, healthy yet luscious food.


Air fryers are designed to prepare oil-free cuisines. However, whether no or little is required depends on the recipe you’re following and the food you’re planning to cook. Some recipes do not require any oil at all whereas, some like chicken fingers or French fries require one to two tablespoons of oil. A bit of oil does enhance the taste and makes the food crispier. However, many people prefer to add a lot of oil while using air fryer even when it is not required. Do not do that blunder as most of the oil drips off and settles in the tray below. Moreover, it defeats the purpose of an air fryer.
It is better not to use any oil while cooking in an air fryer. But at times you may be afraid that the food once cooked won’t be that juicy. In that case, you can add one or two tablespoons of oil or spray it for marinating or just coating the food. The air fryer will do the rest of the work so you can sit back and relax.


Air fryers come in different shapes and designs. But only the exterior of air fryers of various brands differs, the interiors are more or less the same. Most importantly, all air fryers work using targeted heat, circular airflow, and advanced rapid air technology. An air fryer contains a removable perforated basket where the raw food is placed. Just beneath the basket is a tray that collects the residue grease that drips off from the pores. Above the perforated basket is the heating element which is the coil that gives out radiant heat.

On the top of the heating coil is a fan that pulls the air upward through the heating element thereby causing a vertical airflow inside the air fryer. The air reaches the fan by passing through the heating element so it gets heated depending upon the temperature set by the user. After the air is drawn up by the fan, it is again pushed downwards through the outer wall of the fryer. This mechanism transports the heated air to the food contained in the basket below. The process continues and hot air rapidly circulates around the food to fry, bake, or grill it.

Moreover, the design of the base of an air fryer is such that it evenly distributes air around the food to cook it thoroughly. The air temperature of an air fryer can be pre-set and regulated by the user. Since the air keeps circulating until the food is cooked, the air fryer gets extremely heated up. To address this issue, there is an internal exhaust fan on the top or an air outlet at the bottom. It works well to balance the air pressure and releases out smoke and steam produced during cooking. Overall the air fryer uses the principle of both radiation and convection to cook crispy and healthy meals.


The operation of an air fryer seems the same as that of an oven. Both air fryer and oven use hot air technology to cook oil-free meals. So, people often get confused about the differences in their functioning and use. However, there are significant differences between the two cooking appliances. An air fryer is a technologically advanced version of the conventional oven. Unlike an oven, the rapid air technology used in an air fryer generates and transfers more heat and cooks the food faster.
An air fryer is a compact kitchen gadget so its cooking capacity is less when compared to an oven. An oven, on the other hand, can cook more food at a time but slowly. Since heat transfer in an air fryer is higher and the heat distribution around the food is even, the food gets cooked quickly. When compared to an oven, an air fryer cooks more crispy food using no or little oil. So, when it comes to fried food, an air fryer is a preferable and healthier option.


So, this is how an air fryer works without oil. It is equipped with the latest technology for you to relish healthy fried food. You can upgrade your lifestyle and cooking experience by adding an air fryer to your set of kitchen appliances.

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