It is a proven fact that eating healthy has magical effects on the human body. Fruits are a savior when it comes to health ailments. Many fruits have dual properties of causing weight loss as well as providing glowing skin. If you want natural improvements in your body including those fruits in your daily diet is essential.

Now, many people desire to be physically fit and have radiant skin. So which are those fruits that actually help us shed weight and look attractive at the same time. There are a variety of delicious fruits to choose from. So for your convenience, here we will give out the top 10 fruits for weight loss and glowing skin.


Water content in fruits is vital for maintaining body weight. Water has several advantages not only on our skin but the whole body. It improves digestion, causes proper blood circulation, and boosts metabolism. Water also acts as a detox that purifies the blood and makes it free of toxins. So intake of fruits having high water content ensures optimum weight and healthy skin.

Moreover, the presence of fiber in fruit enhances its value. We all know that fibrous fruits are extremely important for gut health. However, they also low on calories and are equipped with fat-burning properties. They flush out toxins from the body that causes skin inflammation and acne. Thus, the appearance of the skin improves too once you start having fiber-rich fruits. The various vitamins and minerals present in fruits are also beneficial in maintaining the right weight and nourish the skin to make it glowing and beautiful.



Lemon, a beauty and health booster fruit is on top of our list. Lemon accelerates metabolism that helps in burning calories. Vitamin C content in lemon is very high. It gives lemon antioxidant and bleaching properties that aid in detoxifying the body of impurities. It clears the skin and gives it a natural shine. Taking a few drops of lemon in a glass of lukewarm water early in the morning is considered the best home remedy to bring down bodyweight. It also works wonders for the skin by cleansing it thoroughly.


Apple, the most recommended fruit by doctors is our next choice. It is a fibrous fruit rich in flavonoids, vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, and potassium. Eating an apple every day is sure to keep away the doctor. It is an immunity booster that gives you beautiful skin as well as a healthy body. As far as weight loss is concerned, an apple soothes the intestinal tract and makes digestion easy. It helps the body in absorbing nutrients, reduces unwanted fat, and gives it good shape.


Avocado is a popular fruit for its healthy fat content. Eating avocado regularly ensures flawless skin. It reduces bad cholesterol, speeds up the fat burning process, and metabolism rate. It is effective in cutting down calories. This is because eating avocado limits appetite and in turn, reduces the intake of junk, fried, and fatty food.


A good source of vitamin C, orange has several qualities for toning our skin and body. This pulpy fruit burns excess fat in our body naturally and helps it attain an optimum weight. Eating orange also prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body. Vitamin C present in oranges acts as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative damage to the skin including skin inflammation and tanning.


Watermelon is a great beauty and health booster. Known for its high water content, the watermelon keeps the body especially the skin hydrated and toned. It helps in achieving the water and nutrient requirements of the body. The consumption of watermelon on a regular basis improves bowel movement and accelerates metabolism. It is highly effective for reducing fat and attaining adequate weight.


Grapefruit is a citrus fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. It is again an immunity booster fruit that is loaded with fiber. Its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties defend the body against pathogens and microbes and ensure healthy skin. It works well in controlling appetite and reducing calorie intake. Thus, having grapefruit benefits both bodyweight and skin health.


The next fruit on our list is banana. Banana is again a fibrous fruit rich in potassium and vitamin A, B, and C. These nutrients nourish and tighten the skin. It also acts as an exfoliator which helps to shed off excess sebum and dirt from the skin. Eating bananas along with its peel gives the body a great amount of energy. It helps in reducing fat and managing bodyweight.


This rich in fiber and low in calorie fruit is our next pick. Papaya is famous for improving digestion but it also helps in shedding weight. It contains beneficial enzymes and antioxidants. Eating papaya provides therapeutic benefits to the body, clears the skin, and gives it a natural glow.


Kiwi is a fiber-rich fruit loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A. Its antioxidant properties aid in flushing out of toxins and also reduce wrinkles and acne. It is a great option for healthy and nourished skin. Water and dietary fiber content in kiwi are also high. Thus, eating kiwi fruit facilitates weight reduction and makes the body slim.


Being a multipurpose fruit, coconut is an excellent option for weight control and lustrous skin. Coconut water is not only healthy but also keeps the skin moisturized. It reduces the large pores of the skin and improves its texture naturally. Nutritional supplements present in coconut suppress appetite, cut down calorie intake, and reduce body weight.


Thus, it is evident that the consumption of these fruits has plenty of health benefits. You do not need to depend on special diets and the use of cosmetics and beauty products anymore. Regular intake of these fruits will help you achieve optimum body weight and beautiful radiant skin. We recommend you to try these fruits and share your experience with us.

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