Fruits work wonders on our bodies. They help in curing various diseases and boost our immunity to fight against germs and microbes that attack our bodies. Kiwi is one such superfruit loaded with nutrients that has several health benefits.

Many people experience low platelet count on account of various reasons. Kiwi fruit is said to increase platelets in our blood. Is this a proven fact that kiwi increases platelets or just a myth? Should you consume kiwi when our platelet count is low? Read further to know if kiwi can increase platelets and if you can consume it when your platelet level is low.

Causes and indicators of low platelet count

Platelets are one of the cells that constitute our blood. Platelets play a major role in promoting blood clots and the quick healing of our bodies when we get injured. There is a minimum requirement of blood platelets in the body and that may reduce due to many reasons.

Diseases, infections, and conditions such as bone marrow disorder, leukemia, anemia, dengue fever, HIV, hepatitis, viral fever, pregnancy, chemotherapy, etc lead to low platelet count. Deficiency in vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, and folate is also one of the reasons for the reduction of platelet count. Sometimes, platelet destruction happens at a faster pace than the formation of platelets. This condition is also dangerous and may lead to severe ailments.

The indicators or symptoms of reduction in platelet are dark red or purple bruises on the skin, nose and gum bleeding, small red and purple spots under the skin, excessive bleeding in urine and stool, heavy menstrual bleeding, weakness, and muscle pain.

It is advisable that when you observe the symptoms mentioned above then instead of self-diagnosing, you should visit a doctor and get a blood test done. The test report will show the exact platelet count in your blood.

Average platelet count in humans

In the human body, the average platelet count is approximately between 1,50,000 and 4,50,000 platelets per one microliter of blood. A platelet count below 1,50,000 platelets per one microliter of blood is considered low. In such a situation, you can rely on a healthy diet, fruits, and other natural remedies to improve the count.

However, when it is reduced further like if it is below 50,000 platelets, then the abovementioned symptoms like bleeding and bruises show up. This is an indication that you may have a severe illness and you need medical help. In this case, you should visit a doctor immediately, get diagnosed, and treated

Nutrient benefits in Kiwi fruit

The green color and exotic taste of kiwi attracts many people. It is a fruit with high dietary fiber and nutrient content. It mainly contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, folate, zinc, and iron. All these nutrients together make kiwi an effective immunity booster. The combination of antioxidants and enzymes present in kiwis reduces oxidative stress and contributes to metabolic benefits.

Having kiwi fruit improves digestion and prevents digestive troubles due to the high level of dietary fiber content, anti-inflammatory qualities, and enzymes. Moreover, having kiwi everyday supports weight loss, and gives the skin a natural glow by flushing out toxins from the body. It is low on sugar and aids in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic people. Its potassium content also regulates blood pressure by balancing electrolytes.

Furthermore, kiwi helps in preventing heart disease by reducing blot clots. Some medical experts suggest that kiwi fruit also minimizes the risk of contracting cancer. Moreover, it reduces the chances of macular degeneration in adults and keeps the eyes healthy. Consuming kiwi benefits us in multiple ways without any side effects. So why not keep our bodies healthy naturally by having kiwi and other fruits rather than depending on medication.

Does Kiwi improve platelet count?

Several studies are carried out to prove whether kiwi can aggregate platelet count. However, there is no conclusive scientific proof to support improvement in platelet count after having kiwi. Nevertheless, it is medically proven that kiwi supplementation lowers risks of cardiovascular diseases including platelet hyperactivity. Many human trials to find out the effects of kiwi fruit consumption on platelet aggregation are in process.

Some medical experts claim that antioxidant properties in kiwi break the cycle of platelet destruction. Platelet destruction can be severely dangerous for our bodies. Now when kiwi impedes the process of platelet destruction, in a way it induces an increase in platelet count. Intake of kiwi fruit is beneficial at the initial stages of low platelet count when it is preventable. However, this research is not backed by substantial scientific validation.

Moreover, kiwi is rich in vitamin C, potassium, and iron. The deficiency of these minerals often leads to a decrease in platelet count. So, having kiwi will maintain the requirement of these nutrients in the body and prevent the reduction of platelets. Several human trials have shown that kiwi consumption has significantly raised vitamin C levels. Further, kiwi consumption does not have any anti-nutrient properties and side effects. It is a superfruit with immunity-boosting and health gaining qualities. So, there is no harm in consuming kiwi for any reason whatsoever.

Other ways that improve platelet count

Intake of food rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, folate, and has anti-oxidant properties increases platelets. Regular consumption of citrus fruits, green cruciferous vegetables, milk and other dairy products, fish, beef, and eggs provide the necessary nutritional requirement to maintain the platelet count. Some research has shown the effectiveness of papaya leaf extract and chlorophyll in improving platelet count. 

Moreover, improving lifestyle is one of the ways of staying fit and healthy. Consumption of foods that make our immunity robust and fight diseases is essential. Avoiding consumption of alcohol and smoking may not increase platelet count but will certainly prevent platelet destruction and in turn its reduction. Further, detecting low platelet levels at the initial stages is crucial, so we advise you to get yourself tested at regular intervals.

Final words

Hence, although no scientific evidence shows a direct relationship between an increase in platelet count and kiwi consumption, it has a positive impact on our bodies. Kiwi has the potential to break the platelet destruction cycle and numerous other health-boosting qualities. So if you wish to stay healthy, keep having kiwis in whichever form you like.

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